Apliiq East Coast Launch Party


twelveIf you’re wondering how all the cool kids kicked off the new year, the answer is: the Apliiq East Coast Launch Party @ Public Assembly. I threw up a post on Apliiq awhile back but for those who already forgot (tsk tsk) and the cavedwellers, let me explain. Apliiq puts textile art on everyday apparell using unique fabrics and designs that respect the individual and their environment“. Each product is a unique, handmade composition of color and texture. In short, Apliiq is making clothes fun (and a bit more interesting) again. After meeting the bright and beautiful minds behind this labor of love, I can say with confidence that it fully deserves our love and support. I was pleasantly surprised by Ethan’s (the Apliiq founding father of sorts) insistence that Apliiq cannot be narrowly defined as “a clothing line” or “brand”. Rather, he seems to re-focus self- expression and creativity where branding and marketing are typically magnified. But more importantly, who can deny a generative grassroots team that throws an undeniably DOPE launch party? Of course, props are due to the party planner himself, Steve Pristin, whose delicious aroma of money follows him wherever he goes. Actually, it was Steve who asked (and perhaps Sam who suggested?) that I host the party. I accepted with the stipulation that Himanshu of Das Racist fame co-host. In the end, I hosted alone (and did the damn thing, if I do say so myself) with the hopes that future Brooklyn crowds would be introduced to the blinding charm and wit of Himanshu Suri. *Hint, hint*. With an insane turn out, a perfectly ecclectic line up, electrotastic djs, free giveaways, raffles, lollipops and a BANGIN’ host, what could go wrong?

four1♥ Theophilus London energized the crowd…and a few snowbunnies hehe ♥seven♥ He rolls with an electic entourage (we all especially loved dude with the belt, what’s his name?!) ♥twentyfive♥ The always daper Melo-X was there, who I absolutely ADORE, who doesn’t? ♥twentythree♥ Francis Starlight put on the best POSSIBLE set and showed us how to get d-o-w-n ♥449980528_ynzne-m♥ The camera and light particles couldn’t keep up with Francis. He’s too fast. ♥449270673_7tgrb-m♥ Rene chopped it up with Ethan backstage before performing ♥449948308_nlabr-m

img_5908Photography by Ben Rowland (go wes!). That’s Ethan and I hiding behind the curtain on stage right before Francis and the Lights performed (and MURDERED it). I can’t rave enough about them, really. I was backstage (slash borderline on stage) and errbody was blown away by the energy, musicianship, and showmanship of the band. I find it impossible to stand still during their set. My body WILDS OUT without consulting my brain, I love that. On a slightly cornier note, it was tres exciting introducing one of my best friends (Rene) and I hope we can do that again sometime. I’m looking forward to growing up and collaborating on projects with all my talented and driven friends. It’s overwhelming! I digress, the truth is everyone who touched stage killed it (I have obvious allegiances though). I also want to shout out superdunny and Friends with Benefits for keeping it live all night long (and just being pleasant and lovely people). I can’t find a website for Friends with Benefits but if you can, please post the link in a comment to encourage sustained artist support! Aside from certain sore losers falsifying their identities in order to win the raffle (you know who you are) and the heat on full blast, it was hands down a perfect launch party! I’m not sure if there’s a West Coast launch in the works but if so, it will have quite a tough act to follow.

♥ Check out Apliiq (Customize hoodies, t-shirts, jewelry and more) + Apliiq Blog
♥ Support Theophilus London + Francis and the Lights
♥ Browse through Ben Rowland‘s online portfolio
♥ Keep it live with superdunny, Friends with Benefits, and Melo-X

4 Responses to “Apliiq East Coast Launch Party”
  1. spristin says:

    Check out Friends With Benefits at:



    swing by our new monthly jawn starring those same Friends (with benefits) at Arlo and Esme on the LES of Manhattan on January 14th!

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