We Fly High


fountainHere I am. 2 hours and some change before my flight is scheduled to take off, BORED out of my mind. Unlike the Detroit airport, Logan does not have a psychedellic water fountain feature to entertain its anxious customers. Peep the picture to the left. I’ve sat in front of that fountain for MAD hours in my young life. If you’ve ever had a 3hr+ lay over in Detroit, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I digress, is it just me or have airpots completely abandonned all customer services? I remember the good ol’ days when we weren’t charged $15-25 for every checked bag on domestic flights (not to mention all the additional fees if your ish is over the weight limit). Back then, complimentary food and drink were expected. Today our only option is to buy $5 “snack packs” or pay an arm and a leg for mediocre chinese food or greasy pizza at sbarros. I’ll pass. My family and I were discussing the rapid decline of airports yesterday on our way back from seeing Milk (powerful flick, btw) and we predict that in next 5 years they’ll install coin operated bathrooms and we’ll have to bring our own seatbelts or some shit LOL. Okay, maybe not that bad, that would be a major liability but I’m trying to make a bigger point here! I mean, thank goodness for T-Mobile Hotspot or I wouldn’t even have wifi to keep me busy during these long waiting periods. I should probably buy more books. Sigh, I hate airports. How do business people manage? Thoughts?

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