Sous les pavés, la plage

“I HAVE NEVER considered the Situationist International as one of those intellectual errors that only needs to be left to crumble to dust, scattering its corpses.” —IS #5 1960 One of the advantages of having an eccentric intellectual as a father is that he buys you Situationist anthologies for your 16th birthday. That’s right, folks. It … Continue reading

A Farewell Kiss

“President Bush flew to Iraq on Sunday, his fourth and final trip, to highlight the recently completed security agreement between the United States and the country that occupied the bulk of his presidency and will to a large extent define his legacy. But his appearance at a news conference here was interrupted by a man, apparently … Continue reading

Until We Bleed

Lykke Li — Until We Bleed

The Pharcyde vs. Virus Syndicate

The Pharcyde vs. Virus Syndicate Obviously, Pharcyde wins for “Drop” but I had to show off my widescreen embedding skills. HOLLA!

DJ Premier Speaks

Peter Rosenberg (a Sam Han favorite) interviewed DJ Premier (arguably the best producer and beat maker in hip hop. if not, he definitely should make your top 5 list) last Thursday, December 11 @ 92Y Tribeca. The twitter homie DJ Ness saved the day by recording and sharing the following *epic* footage (we should all … Continue reading

Home for the Holidays

Born Bad

“Hellz Bellz introduces their holiday collection, “Born Bad,” inspired by the infamous Vaudeville actress, and sexual liberator, Mae West. The Holiday collection represents for the “Born Bad” femme fatale: With West’s racy quotes which sprang, tough-dame style from the side of her mouth, she’s been firmly stamped as the personification of Hellz through her story of … Continue reading

How To Talk To Girls

“Alec Greven, author of the new dating guide How to Talk to Girls, has a lot going for him. He’s clean-cut, confident and a published author. He is also 9 years old. And although his relationship advice is nothing new — girls like gifts and attention from boys; they get mad when they discover a boy … Continue reading

Gajin Fujita

“You could say that Gajin Fujita found his calling at Kyoto’s “Golden Temple,” Kinkaku-ji. But it wasn’t a religious calling. The street kid in Fujita, a Boyle Heights native, wondered what it would look like if someone threw up a mural on the beloved Japanese landmark. Instead of defacing the temple, he began building his … Continue reading

Album Leak: A Different Me

Keyshia Cole — A Different Me I’d like to introduce a sexier side of Oakland songstress Keyshia Cole unveiled in her latest album “A Different Me“ slated to drop next Tuesday, December 16. I’ve taken the liberty to link my readers to the leaked version like the bootlegged and broke fan I am. After watching her absurd … Continue reading