All I want for Christmas…


Happy Holidays! In case you still don’t get it: All I want for Christmas is YOU! My apologies for the infrequent posting, ever since I landed back east I’ve been sucked into a black hole of family bonding and you know how that goes. Besides the inevitable claustrophobia that comes with intimate holiday gatherings (especially with small families like mine), I’ve been re-acclimating to East Coast bitter cold and icy conditions. I wish I had a picture of me attempting to maneuver Harvard Square in my patten leather boots yesterday (epic fail). I’ve learned my lesson and I’m sticking strictly to practical snow boots and worn in kicks that can handle all the salt and snow stains (waaaaaack!). I hope you’re all surviving family drama and staying warm! This year we’re not exchanging any gifts (recession special) but we’ll be watching plenty of corny Christmas movies and even some childhood favorites (Ghostbusters + The Princess Bride). Let me know how you’re spending the holidays and I’ll try and get some more posts up before I disappear into New York City madness (it will happen, there’s nothing I can do to stop that). For those of you who haven’t already, save these dates: December 26 to January 4. Hit me up anytime between those dates and we can kick it. Until then, keep your eyes peeled on the most tacky christmas lawn decorations you can spot. Extra points to those who take pictures and share. Here’s a hint: go to the hood. Suburban folkers prefer simple white lights. HOLLA!

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