Sooner or Later



And now for the least original thought of the day: Pharrell Williams is sexy as shit. Yes, I am aware of how little sense that expression makes. It sounds more like an insult than anything else but hey, as far as I can tell there’s no real logic behind the English language. I digress. For at times *superficial* reasons, I’ve been into N*E*R*D for a cold minute– although I have to admit I haven’t been following them too closely as of late and I even passed up several opportunities to see them perform live with Common (who frankly I’m just not into anymore, don’t stress it). To be fair, I heard their live shows are ridiculous and next time I’m going to make a much greater effort to catch the act. At the height of my “yellow rage” or A-Z-N pride days, I was convinced that Chad was the brains behind the whole N*E*R*D operation and I drew propaganda poster type illustrations of his face with the slogan: “Now you see him, now you don’t” (LOL) to comment on his invisibility in media coverage etc. (I can’t even believe I’m outing myself like this). Anyway, I never really considered his agency in the whole battle over representation and visibility so I eventually moved on and stopped producing silly ink drawings of his face (even though they were pretty dope!!!). That’s beside the point, what I wanted to blog about was their latest music video for “Sooner or later” (one of my favorites off of Seeing Sounds) and honestly, I think it’s the business! I think it was a smart move to keep it relevant by staging the video on Wall Street amidst the present day chaos of economic recession. Chad and Pharrell make for much needed eye candy:

Fuck. I want to throw bags of $$$ in the air. Peep the video here. Happy recession! Nope.

2 Responses to “Sooner or Later”
  1. spristin says:

    I saw you posted this on facebook and was like “damn thats a good video” and then posted it on my blog (of course crediting you) and then saw you posted on your blog as well. Sorry!

  2. LaShawn says:

    we used to throw bags of money in the air all the time last yr..member?

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