Williamsburg, Go Hard!

comede1A Message from the Brooklyn Tourism Board. It’s always best to preempt a justified attack by insulting yourself before anyone else can (and no this does not apply to the Iraq War). Clearly, this video effectively capitalized on what everyone thought (/is thinking) about the diminishing relevance of a Jay-Z/Santogold “Brooklyn, Go Hard” collaboration. That is not to dismiss the many BK neighborhoods that have survived recursive waves of gentrification. However, I think we can all agree that the majority of Williamsburg new recruits are indeed going hard at their local Salvation Army. My personal favorite quote is: “I don’t really listen to rap unless it’s like ironic like when I’m listening to Public Enemy“. I also enjoyed the not so subtle “my apartment is too nice to listen to rap” Yeezy reference. Well done. Lastly, I found the picture on the left while browsing Va$htie’s blog and I decided it somehow related to this post (I hope you agree). Unfortunately, it’s already sold out at Karmaloop so we’ll all have to live vicariously through this photograph. To conclude: I couldn’t stand dedicating a post to the sneak preview of Real World Brooklyn but click here to see the further destruction and guiltless hijacking of Biggie’s Brooklyn.

2 Responses to “Williamsburg, Go Hard!”
  1. James says:

    my reaction to these videos is mad complicated!!!

  2. Isa says:

    yeah yo, the dynamics of gentrified brooklyn are headache inducing but also: BOOM!

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