Having landed on the musical radar like some kind of a phantom battleship, this Washington D.C. native continues to fire away at us, sinking nay-sayers and making a name for herself at a rate which some might consider alarming. Appearing on a slew of independent releases this year, Muhsinah has earned each and every title that’s been thrown her way- engineer, producer, composer, singer, songwriter, arranger, inspiration and the like. Contrary to popular misconception, Muhsinah was not dropped off on this planet by some enigmatic cosmic force; she hitched a ride on her own star.


Meet MUHSINAH pronounced [mu•sē•nə]. Aint she cute? Normally, I would attempt to write my own biography explaining who she is, where she’s been, where she’s headed (and on and on) however someone has already done the work for me (lazy blogging is the best). Nah but forreal, it’s one of the best artist descriptions I’ve come across so I thought I’d spread the good word. Here’s a taste: “Incontrovertibly born a slave to the rhythm, this classically trained pianist has spent countless hours honing her skills, banging on velocity sensitive pads and brushing the dust from neatly stacked records; well worn relics, left behind from her mother’s days as a dj. With influences spanning from classical to psychedelic, jazz to world and back, the freshly transplanted Brooklyn resident has gained a newfound appreciation for space and the sound within the space.”  Read more here. Basically: Self-made slinger of the dopeness. Do yourselves a favor and check out her official debut day.break where she “employs whatever sonic element she sees fit to complete her hip hop braised, soul compositions which appear to fall perfectly on the tastier side of experimental.” Amen. It truly is delicious. Even though Muhsinah gets a lot of love, I don’t think it’s proportionate to her talent so support her music! Lastly, I have to specifically plug her collaboration with The Foreign Exchange on the hauntingly beautiful track “Daykeeper” (Download that ish!). It’s on heavy rotation at all times. Oh and if you don’t want to take my word for it, she’s been co-signed by the likes of Janelle Monae, J*Davey, The Foreign Exchange, Esperanza Spalding, FWMJ and the list (of people I love and respect) goes on and on. 

One Response to “Muhsinah”
  1. crunkbunny says:

    this song is amazing. good lookin out.

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