Banal Strangeness


picture-24“Our hyper ability of being constantly judgmental, with relentlessness. Prejudices, hasty judgements, comments and insults organize themselves into a gigantic and fidgety dance conducted by the monsters, in the form of a wallpaper blooming in a dark corner of the Schloss Solitude.” The curious and wandering mind of French designer Katya Bonnenfant is laid bare for all to see in the peculiar yet powerful exhibition The Judge (January-March 2008) photographed above. My sister shared some of Bonnenfant’s work with me after attending one of her interactive lectures exploring the exciting possibilities of graphic design and flash in particular. According to Bonnenfant, the Internet is the ideal gallery space for any artist. Accessible, affordable, available and flexible. After spending some serious time enjoying her many web-based projects, I am amazed at just how much interaction flash allows (when programmed properly). It’s quite inspiring, I think I might enroll in one of her courses to learn a thing or two. Now, the picture to the left is one of her signature monsters featured in one of her most interesting and playful projects to date “City of Strangers“. TULCA Art Festival invited Bonnenfant to spend the month of October (2007) at Aras Eanna, Art and Culture Center of Inis Oìrr, smallest and most eastern of the Three Aran Islands in Galway Bay, Ireland. Inspired by the rich Irish landscape, Bonnenfant created a whole complex world populated by monsters in which they constantly interact + transform into different things. Take a look:

picture-26picture-27If you think the animation looks boring and simple, shoot on over to and see for yourself. Whichever monster you click on dictates the ending. Keep trying your luck until you hit an oil spill, that’s the dopest part. Maybe I’m just a dork but I think it’s a really great idea. Lastly, check out a similarly innovative and entertaining web-based project “Banal Strangeness” where you can spend hours excavating the many layers of “everyday_cooking” and “stories_from_the_sea“. There are music videos, quotations from Gilles Deleuze and Jeff Koons, white noise, and amorphous floating architectural designs all in conversation with one another. You can interact as desired. Dive into the



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