Rappers He Knows


—>Look! It’s FWMJ! Written in the book of Scheme, “Frank William Miller Junior, from Brooklyn, NY, to the Philippines, to Texas and then back to New York hip-hop has been to Frank William Miller Junior what Shaq means to the Phoenix Suns; without that dominate force the Suns will never grasp that illustrious championship and hip-hop will never have had access to the unspoken stories without FWMJ’s RappersIknow. Working at hip-hop pioneer radio station HOT97 by day, FWMJ is their Art Director, by night he’s on a mission to put out the greatest music that may or may not ever reach the mainstream airwaves.” — ease, Scheme Mag

jayelectronica_thepledge1What he said. No, but seriously FWMJ is the truth and my heart. Nothing like an abstract co-sign. I think his graphic design skills speak for themselves and if you follow his tweets like I do, you’ll find he’s quite the funny man. I’ve been a fan of Rappers I Know for a cold minute now and if you’re not up on it yet, get with it! FWMJ’s been co-signing Jay Electronica since 2005 and that’s when you’ve earned yourself the OG tastemaker title. As I mentioned some posts back, he’s collaborating with Jay on Scratches & Demo Tape Vol. 1 (which is the hotness). Anywho, I was feeling motivated to celebrate fwmj today specifically because he posted an ill podcast this morning featuring everything from Dilla, Jayelect, Jay Dee, D. Rose and DJ Cozmos, The Luv Bugz, Slum Village and on and on. It’s the perfect soundtrack to another foggy but mild Monday in December. Shout out to all my east coast peoples surviving the bitter cold, I hear the wind chill is wild and crazy kids. Stay warm and remember I’m making my grand return to the homeland in under 12 days!!! It’s definitely about to go down. Before I go, be sure to peep the podcast and become an avid Rappers I know reader/FWMJ fan if you aint already. I’m already on my second rotation. I love you!


My gift to you: an origami Panda inside an origami Stiletto. I’m A-Z-N.


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