New Art for a New Era


titi1Over the weekend, my dad sent me a series of e-mails (via Blackberry) in regards to the influx of Japanese immigration to São Paulo, Brazil (where he’s visiting for business like the Urban Age Conference). As a Japaguayan (Japanese/Uruguayan), I have obvious investments in studying this particular immigration pattern. I started by google searching São Paulo’s Japanese colony, Liberdade (liberdade means “freedom”) home to the largest Japanese community outside Japan. It is the nucleus for (mostly commercial) Japanese activity in Brazil. One thing led to another and I happened upon Japanese-Brazilian graffiti artist Hamilton Yokota AKA Titi Freak. Like most graffiti artists (with the exception of Banksy, duh), there isn’t too much biographical information available beyond the occasional cliche description of his work written by uninspired curators like this one from Jonathan LeVine Art Gallery: “Titi Freak draws inspirations from his Japanese heritage. His style fuses eastern and western cultures, where fashion, pop imagery, illustrations, yo-yo, graffiti, and comic strips intertwine. He maintains a curios spirit, though an exploration of painting surfaces and the creation of elaborate and densely patterned canvases.” Who knew Yo-Yo was such a serious sporting event? Basically, I like his flavor, simple but sharp design. Maybe, I’m just a sucker for his subject matter: koi fish, sumo wrestlers and stylized well-rendered japanese city kids on the Ruas de São Paulo. Peep Titi’s game: 





Hit up his website. Follow the blog. New art for a new era. You saw it here first.

3 Responses to “New Art for a New Era”
  1. crunkbunny says:

    that shit is fire. good looks.

  2. jills says:

    i def. have a story about a dude who got a tattoo of one of his pieces….weird

  3. Isa says:

    tell us the story!!!

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