Haji “The Indian Rapper” Springer


Taking the lead from FWMJ over at Rappers I know, I thought I’d post about local Bay Area emcee, Haji Springer. If you’re lucky, you just might catch Haji thizzing and going dummy on the streets of San Leandro in this custom made tricked-out whipsicle, peep:


If that isn’t good race politics, I don’t know what is. I think if (or when I should say) Das Racist blows up, y’all need to take cues from Haji and Chingo Bling in matters of fashion and general lifestyle. The local backstory behind Haji is as follows: his pops runs Bombay Bazar (Indian grocery jumpoff) in the heart of the Mission (548 Valencia) where mad heads frequent to stock up on cheap eats, incense, bindi etc. My sister Nati and I are both loyal customers and his pops hooks us up with free shit for no particular reason (other than we’re not white hippies buying nag champa in bulk). Every regular knows that in the time that you enter and exit the store, Haji will come up at least 100,000 trillion times. Someone needs to award that man “Proudest Father in Hip Hop“– the entire joint is one giant advertisement for his son’s rap career. You best believe, you’ll be hearing the hottest tracks off of “Hey Buddy” while shopping around. Peep the track “Hey Buddy” (recognized as the track that originally put Haji on the map) featuring Keak (who else?). You already know, they’re all about that hyphy movement. I’ll end this post with the video for “Hurry Up & Buy” ft. Ching Bling, peep: 

Now that’s my idea of cross cultural coalition building, holler two time!!!

2 Responses to “Haji “The Indian Rapper” Springer”
  1. Sheezy says:

    we could b related?!!

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