Twitter is the only social network that allows you to talk with people dead or alive. What more could you possibly ask for in one website? Jump ship, join now. Follow me. I know, that sounds intense but it’s just twitter speak for add me. I swear.

3 Responses to “Twitterific”
  1. jills says:

    twitter scares me. it’s like returning to frosh year and how everyone knew what was going on in your life at any moment thanks to constant away message updates. i ain’t ready for another addiction.

  2. jills says:

    ok wait, wait, wait
    why’d i just join
    i’ve got no convictions and an addictive personality, clearly.

  3. Isa says:

    lol I thought that too but most people update sparingly, you don’t have to provide a play by play of your life for folks. also, it’s used mostly for people to link unreleased music or publicize blogs etc. it’s not that serious and it grows on you. give it 2 weeks. i’m following YOU too now.

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