Super Fertile


Kali Arulpragasam (aka M.I.A.’s sister), is the designer of Super Fertile, the politically-conscious jewelry line.  Each season, Kali chooses a different world issue from the caste system to terrorism, and addresses them in enlightening ways.  All of her jewelry is unique and each detail is deeply thought out.  Her pieces are the kind that make you stop and stare because they are unlike anything you’ve seen.  Super Fertile’s newest collection is called “Hunger” and “is designed to raise awareness of the current food crisis.”  Kali crafted beads in precious metals in shape of staple foods such as rice, beans, sweet corn, nuts, black bean, lentil, chick pea, wheat and seeds.  The pieces are crafed in sliver and some are plated in gold “to symbolise how precious these staple foods are to starving countries in the battle against the rising cost of food.” — M.I.S.S. CREW

Truth be told, I’m not writing about Super Fertile to comment on how inspiring Kali’s commitment to the cause of world hunger is because honestly, donating 7% of proceeds to Oxfam is not exactly my idea of effective political change (though I suppose it’s a meaningful gesture, I just wonder when we’ll move beyond philanthropy). Without launching into a political discussion around the problematics of “relief” organizations like Oxfam and American Red Cross, I’ll keep you busy with the following glamour shots of these stunning pieces. As a jewelry crazed individual, I am SWOONING over each and every one of these unique and bold designs. The execution looks flawless and the overall jewelry line is inspired and inspiring. Why haven’t we seen M.I.A. rocking these gems? Maybe if they came in Day-Glo and Marc Jacobs co-signed she’d be more motivated. I agree with the ladies over at M.I.S.S. that it might be a challenge to find an outfit worthy enough of one of these masterpieces. Be ready for the necklace to steal the limelight. I recommend a simple black dress. Peep:






Check out more looks at Super Fertile. Support Jannica Honey photography.

4 Responses to “Super Fertile”
  1. Et Cetera says:

    Wow. thanks for sharing. These pieces are sick!

  2. chris says:

    Well, I think you need to ask yourself why the world poverty problems need to be solved by one individual with a very young independent small label such as SUPEFERTILE and not the people with REAL BIG BUCKS? Kali is probably offering what she can afford, as I could imagine at this precise time when people are not at all running to the stores to buy unique wonderful masterpieces. She is an artist. It’s unfare to expect one artist save the world. She is setting an example. Her work is created to bring awareness to the problem we all know exists and try to ignore, Her responsibilities are just that. Maybe OXFAM needs to work allot harder, because I know and you know there are many many people with more money then they need who could help.

  3. Hussy says:

    No need for black. There are so many ways you can rock this collection! Maybe Simple white shirt opened up? with jeans…or play suit? I can see it working with solid colors like Green or peacock blue, fusia…red and dress it down, .to make it more urban try a tshirt and jeans and one of these necklace! or a cocktail dress…

  4. Isa says:

    I definitely don’t think “world poverty” rests on the shoulder of any one individual (especially an independent artist). I was more suggesting there were other organizations with a better track record than Oxfam to donate 7% of your earnings towards. I tried to make it clear that my beef was more with “the people with big bucks” and the lack of transparency in where exactly they put their resources and energy. so don’t stress, I’m not expecting Kali to save the world.

    and yes, hussy, there are many ways to rock this line, it’s quite versatile and it seems like you’ve got lots of creative ideas, thanks for putting them out there.

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