Scratches & Demo Tape Volume 1


I can’t speak for everyone else but I’ve been thirsting for more brain food from the one and only Jay Electronica and lucky for me Jay unexpectedly released several tracks off of Scratches & Demo Tape Volume 1: “Annakin’s Prayer,” “Hagler,” and “Not Too Far From Nothing.” According to OkayPlayer, there are two more songs to come from Jay Elect and FWMJ. Additionally, rumor has it that Jay and Just Blaze shot some straight-to-web video footage last night in NYC to animate his recent release “Exhibit A“. I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing more of what he’s been grindin’ on. I recently added him on twitter and his tweets are already becoming my favorite to follow. Judging by the comments on OkayPlayer, the cyberhaters are dissatisfied with unfinished releases (all the tracks below are works-in-progress hence “demo”). Conversely, I’m grateful for being let in on the “behind the scenes” process.  As an artist, I take great inspiration in learning from seasoned artists and minds like Jay on how a track develops. It’ll be interesting to compare these versions to the finished ones. So far, I’m falling in love with “Annakin’s Prayer”. I admire Jay’s ability to tell stories, he weaves together the personal with the mythological and builds from there with samples from whatever/wherever he sees fit (popular culture, cartoons etc.) I’m in the middle of transcribing the lyrics but here’s my absolute favorite line: “My grandma taught me courage, she told me ‘never let the grizzly bears eat your porridge’“. Fire…

Jay Electronica — “Annakin’s Prayer”
Jay Electronica —
“Hagler (demo)”
Jay Electronica —
“Not Too Far From Nothing”

Annakin’s Prayer Lyrics (***Rough Translation***)

“I could drill a hole at the earth’s equator
fill it with dynamite and make another moon with craters (see ya later)
she aint know that innocent shit with Obi-Wan
behind the Jedi back could turn Annakin to Vader
her lack of faith in the force is disturbing
and if it wasn’t Jack Daniels and Parliament Lights
it would’ve been murder
my eyes is red like ketchup, tired of playing catch up
laying on the floor, staring at the dresser
got on my knees, prayed til they bleed
Dear God, I’m a sick motherfucker
I even fooled myself
I’m a slick motherfucker
I’m sick of the scandalous living
I don’t even think I’m equipped for a higher standard of living
but if you give him one more chance and forgive him
he’ll push that negative gene into oblivion
here’s what i’ll do:
put you in this basket and float you down to Mississippi
20 miles from the Bayou
here’s grace, here’s style, have faith cause imma try you
my momma introduced me to the scripture
the channel 4 news introduced me to the shit that produced hitler
I was a young lad: three stooges, superman, batman and ritalin
moonwalk, windmill, freeze for the picture
my grandma taught me courage, she told me
never let the grizzly bears eat your porridge
or you’ll just be a carcass dying slowly in the forest

I could never thank her for it
but I can slay a devil when I see one
steady practice mastery yourself so not to be one
life is like a rerun
season after season
bombs on the train
bombs from the plane

a disgruntled citizen
being tried for treason”

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  1. […] the OG tastemaker title. As I mentioned some posts back, he’s collaborating with Jay on Scratches & Demo Tape Vol. 1 (which is the hotness). Anywho, I was feeling motivated to celebrate fwmj today specifically […]

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