Back In The Day

“back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again…”

Frisco Fall

For Lashawn

How can you resist that smile? Elmo! This next one is my favorite…LOL

If I Were A Boy

VS. I don’t know about y’all but when I first saw Beyonce’s new video for “If I Were A Boy” I thought SWAGGER JACKER! Are you serious? How was she even allowed to record that song nevermind release a video with an almost identical concept (except it’s far more dramatic than Ciara’s version and less … Continue reading

In the Mood

Loves! My bad for the infrequent posts this week, it’s been beautifully busy. As frustratingly unstable and hectic as the twenties are, there is something exciting about never knowing what tomorrow brings. I’m starting to embrace the chaos (I think it’s the only strategy that works). My gift to y’all today is spreading the word … Continue reading

The Abstract

The abstract, poetic, don’t ever forget it, don’t you dare edit.

Chanel Throwback Jacket

–> HOW FLY IS THIS JACKET?! Oh my goodness, I’m still buggin’ out. If you know me, you know how much I value an old school throwback jacket like this. Obviously, it’s ridiculous and over the top and not your average jacket but I fucking love it and to be honest, it looks dumb fly … Continue reading

You’re The One

Who doesn’t love SWV? No matter what year it is, these sisters with voices stay on heavy rotation in my ipod. Austin recently posted “You’re The One” on facebook and ever since then I’ve been listening to SWV imeem playlists on repeat (they make for the perfect lazy Sunday soundtrack, highly recommended). I’m currently rocking … Continue reading

Your Weekly Address From President Elect Obama


You know those rare songs that make you weak and transport you to an entirely different place, state of mind, universe? I might have already shared this one with y’all but it’s worth another listen (in fact, I suggest playing it on repeat for several hours right before bedtime). It’s a love song lullaby that … Continue reading