Happy Thingstaken!


My people! Happy thanksgiving AKA Happy thingstaken! Normally, I would use today as an opportunity to talk about genocide and our nation’s history of using holidays like Thanksgiving to erase histories of systematic killing rather than acknowledge and pay our respects to the OG forefathers and mothers. I suppose I just did. However, my family arrived in San Francisco yesterday and I’m feeling especially thankful today for all the wonderful human beings (and non-human, big ups to cats and cyborgs) in my life. As we all know, this year continues to be wild and crazy kids between economic recession, the election of Barack Obama, the passing of prop 8, and increased acts of violence on a local and global scale (*cough cough* Mumbai *cough cough*), we’ve found ourselves in the eye of a raging storm. I encourage everyone to take some time to reflect on their lives today and consider what/who they are thankful for and hold onto that/them! Well, I’m needed in the kitchen for more food preparation and family bonding, HA! I predict we’ll all be passed out in debilitating food comas by midday. Lastly, I find it strange that the skater crew is still posted up outside my apartment on Thanksgiving, is this some kindof weird Cali ritual?

3 Responses to “Happy Thingstaken!”
  1. hima says:

    Wait – did victor share my Thanksgiving Things Taken joke from last year with you or did you come up with that?

  2. Isa says:

    victor told me nothing but now you need to share the joke!

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