The New Collection


I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with jewelry and the new collection of Swarovski Crystal rings is only adding fuel to fire. Finally, the designs cater specifically to my style: big and bold! I usually go for men’s watches precisely because I hate the dainty aesthetic of most women’s watches designed for an outdated perception of small, fragile ladies. The price range is dangerous: it’s just expensive enough that I won’t go through with the purchase but affordable enough that I’ll drive myself absolutely crazy daydreaming about owning one. I’m half worried I’ll start subconsciously saving for them and then splurge at the risk of regretting it later…at least I’ll look fashionably guilty. Lastly, I’m impressed with the names of each ring. From left to right: Fiction Ring ($575), Glacier Capri Ring ($260), Fever Ring ($150). Tight names, right? Fever Ring, here I come…

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