A-Trak: Fat Free Since 1982


For those of you Internet folkers who have yet to succumb to the dark force that is Twitter, you’re seriously missing out! You can catch the homie Sam (of caughtintheweb fame) and I exchanging words with Q-Tip, Miss Info, Jay Smooth, ?uestlove and the wildman pictured above, A-trak. In any case, I recently started following A-trak’s tweets which led me to his spectacular blog — the place where he “centralizes his tentacular forays into Web 2.0”. Admittedly, I don’t usually read outside the blogs cued on Google Reader but this is an exception (and the occasional browsing of Yeezy’s blog). I highly suggest you find a window of an hour or so after work to procrastinate something (laundry, cooking, calling mom, doing dishes, going to the gym) by sifting through A-trak’s impressive archive dating back to his first tour with Kanye and Usher in 2004. Aside from his witty commentary and thorough informal journalistic reporting, I especially enjoy his video reviews of hotels like this one in Osaka, Japan, check it out:

Hi-larious and informative! I’m seriously diggin’ on those kicks and the varied options available on Japanese toilets, their butts are SO much cleaner than ours. If that didn’t do anything for you then at least you can catch cameos of A-trak and Yeezy shooting the shit about beards in between sessions in one of their many undisclosed studios:

I’m pretty convinced we’d be best friends, that’s all.

One Response to “A-Trak: Fat Free Since 1982”
  1. SH says:

    can’t agree more. he’s the freakin’ man.

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