You’re The One


Who doesn’t love SWV? No matter what year it is, these sisters with voices stay on heavy rotation in my ipod. Austin recently posted “You’re The One” on facebook and ever since then I’ve been listening to SWV imeem playlists on repeat (they make for the perfect lazy Sunday soundtrack, highly recommended). I’m currently rocking out to “Rain” (“rain down on me, let your love just shower me…”). As Katt Williams would say: this is my SHIT!!!! Anyone else with me on this one? Shout out to 54 Home and Esther and Lisa in particular for all the times we sang along to “Weak” while stooping it on those rare sunny days. It’s only right that I dedicate this one to y’all, HOLLA:

One Response to “You’re The One”
  1. Rashawn says:

    S I S T E R S W I T H V O I C E S G O T M E W E A K I N D A K N E E S

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