Chanel Throwback Jacket




–> HOW FLY IS THIS JACKET?! Oh my goodness, I’m still buggin’ out. If you know me, you know how much I value an old school throwback jacket like this. Obviously, it’s ridiculous and over the top and not your average jacket but I fucking love it and to be honest, it looks dumb fly on (translation: mad fly). I have to shout out the always reliable Buffalo Exchange for showering me with this unexpected gift today and my beautiful sister for buying it as part of my birthday present (btdubs, the price was a mere 10 bones, HOLLA). I also picked up that knock off wallet (in the last photo) @ Modern Accessories on Haight St. After making the mistake of going to Nordstrom to scope out the real deal designer wallets and purses, I realized that recession ruined window shopping for me and I plan on sticking to places that cater to my price range from now on. (Slash I’m waiting until designers get the hint that economic recession is here to stay and drastically cut prices to at least attempt to move merchandise because let me tell you, aint NOBODY shopping for that shit right now). Word up!!!

One Response to “Chanel Throwback Jacket”
  1. jills says:

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! utterly amazing!

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