Iced Coffee Addict


Is it just me or is anyone else concerned with their recently acquired addiction to caffeine specifically in the form of Iced Coffee??? Ever since graduating Wesleyan, I’ve formed the destructive habit of grabbing an Iced Coffee to jump start the day without even thinking about whether I even want one? My brain simply implies that obviously I want one! And another one and another one and on and on until my head eventually explodes and by then I figure it’s too late for coffee drinker rehab?! Thoughts? Granted things could be worse…I could be addicted to cigarettes and coffee and any number of addictions but as I sip the second Iced Coffee of the day, I’m starting to think now would be a good time to knock the habit. Is switching to tea a superficial improvement? I’m an avid tea drinker (It’s the Japanese side HA, that’s a joke guys, don’t be taking that shit seriously). The thing is, decaffeinated teas make me sleepy and all I want to do is cuddle in my big bed and listen to the rain outside my window (awww). Forreal though, I need an appropriate substitute and I’m starting to doubt this is a worthwhile fight, maybe i’ll call it off before the boycott even begins. Fuck it! I’m young! I’m going to allow myself another couple of years of bad college like vices because WHY NOT?!

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