Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas


paperroute_main3Wait, I’m buggin’ out right now. I’m upset that I haven’t heard about Paper Route Recordz until today. It’s possible that this is another one of my cave dweller moments in which everyone else but me is in on this Paper Route Recordz secret but this discovery just made my day! I have to give a big shout out to my partner in crime, James Sehring, for putting me on circa 5 minutes ago on gchat. Y’all are up on gchat, right? It’s the perfect way to procrastinate while keeping up appearances for your boss at work (cause you know they’re fucking around on the job too!). ANYWAY, are y’all up on these dudes?! Straight out of Huntsvile, Alabama, The Fader tells me that, Paper Route Recordz, known previously (and even still in some circles) as Slow Motion Soundz, has been putting out music in Huntsville for years, and even briefly scored BET Uncut rotation with the Slow Motion Soundz’s “Lacs and Caprices,” featuring a pre-fame TI. Everyone around here knows who they are. They are the kings of the city’s parking lots.” Peep the rest of The Fader feature on these hood headlinaz to get a better of idea of where they’re coming from and where they might be headed. I have to say, they’ve adopted some masterful rapper personas/alter egos including Money Addict, Mali Boi and my personal favorite: Dawgy Baggz. I have to say I’m amused by Sam Hockley Smith’s (the author of The Fader feature) naive fascination with the members of Paper Route Recordz perceived voluntary boredom. dogg1He observes, “few ever seem to leave here. Some don’t have a choice, like the six Paper Route rappers who are locked up, and some, like in-house producer Mali Boi, are content to just sit in a robe, smoking cigarettes and making beats all day” and later, “It often seems like the members of Paper Route Recordz are waiting on the world to find them. “Legends in the making,” Mata says. That’s what we all are.” He might be right, but it’s unclear how staying in Huntsville will help them achieve that. Maybe the local fame and creative freedom keeps them there, or maybe Huntsville is the type of place you fall into and can’t pull yourself out of.” I love how confounding this “alternative” model of success and ambition is to *cough cough* white *cough cough* journalists stuck on the same tireless narrative of hood rappers chasing paper to the big cities. Indeed, moving out means moving on and up and who doesn’t want that?!?! True enough but what happens when the scope of the project extends far beyond one man’s dream to hoods all across Alabama? Our narrow conception of celebrity come up stories makes no allowances for crews bigger than Wu Tang who might just be “crazy” enough to want to stay exactly where they are, home. Additionally, the Diplo hipster friendly remixes that layer typically southern rap sounds with a number of juxtaposed samples (while being straight fire) invite predominantly white listeners to indulge in a twisted and necessarily romantic fantasy of stunting in parking lots and repping Alabama projects all day. I know, “it’s just music, it’s so not that serious” but I would argue it’s still important to question what a seemingly innocent Paper Route Recordz feature in a magazine like The Fader might mean for its readers, the members of Paper Route Recordz and the music at large. Just a thought. I agree that at the end of the day, good music is good music.


Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas drops November 18, HOLLA!

5 Responses to “Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas”
  1. chajlo says:

    snuggs, as the fellas of 134 can attest, i been up on slow motion soundz (the mother movement of paper route recordz) for years.

    they are the best best of the best, and i am glad yet also a likkle upset that you are now spreading their gospel as well, as i was previously enjoying a northeast monopoly on the congregation.

    yet as always, it’s all love. peep the blog for some more block beataz bangas and hit me up if you want some more of their extra wonderful good knock…

  2. crunkbunny says:

    that’s incredible. the production sounds like ambient trance. wow. i’m ready for the album to drop.

  3. crunkbunny says:

    slash, mufuckin’ DIPLO is on this shit.

  4. Sara'o says:

    benzi played at psi u a week ago.

  5. XO PRG says:

    This was a great write-up especially the part “I love how confounding this “alternative” model of success and ambition is to *cough cough* white *cough cough* journalists stuck on the same tireless narrative of hood rappers chasing paper to the big cities….”

    The author Sam totally misunderstood everything out this way. I didn’t get a chance to meet him before he left back to New York but I was shocked whenever I read the article. Maybe our slowness down south is hard to adjust too and understand.

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