Crooks and Rooks


Happy Monday!!! Ha, I spent the day over at Hell On Earth AKA the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), I live in close proximity to the DMV which comes in handy when you’re old ID is jacked and you need a replacement. I have to admit the experience was mild relative to what I’m used to and for the first time folks were being respectful and displaying competence, impressive (especially for a Monday morning). Of course, there has to be one disturbing/funny DMV moment and this was mine: there was an older woman rocking a print tee that read: “The only job I want is a blow job”. WOW! That’ll get you some attention…I was just thinking “damn, someone needs to do their laundry” unless homegirl genuinely loves to rock absurd shit like that. Personally, I think print tees are ridiculous and should probably be retired along with visors, printed visors and visor hats (basically anything with a brim)…and crocs, those should also go. I digress…I’m in a specific music mood lately and I’m gravitating towards particular beats (think Devin The Dude). One of my favorite newish joints is off of Bambu’s latest release Exact Change (please go cop it if you haven’t already) “Crooks and Rooks” produced by the homie Nick James. Nick is an absolute beast when it comes to music production and I recommend any and all of his dope remixes that include The Black and White Album (his rendition of Jay Z’s Black Album), Nick James Remixes Vol. 1 (remixes of artists from Yeezy to Nas), American Producer (remake of Jay Z’s American Gangster) and he’s finna release a Nas Remix Mixtape so be on the look out for that. You can also check him out on Ise Lyfe’s sophomore album Prince Cometh which is the business. Peep the vid:

Do you love it? I do! I leave you with this exclusive interview with Bam:

“underneath the new era is the mind of a crook
who turned everything around when his cousin got took
that’s why i look through the crooks and rooks hat like i do
’cause the world looks different from the car rear view
filipino from the flats who’s seen the casualties of war
so i stand behind a mic and tell my young, “no more!”

One Response to “Crooks and Rooks”
  1. L says:

    wait…so I can’t wear my visor with my fanny pack anymore??

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