2k Bounce Tour


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, yours truly will be spending her birthday this upcoming Thursday November 13, 2008 gettin’ up with Q-Tip (+ his FULL band), DJ Scratch and The Cool Kids over @ The Mezzanine in Frisco. My absolute favorite birthday present of all time is a good show (preferably of the Hip Hop variety). I remember my 18th birthday when my darling sisters took me to Lupo’s in Providence, RI to see the then love of my life, Damian Jr. Gong Marley. Aside from the disturbing number of smelly dreadlocked white boys, it was one of my most memorable (and enjoyable) show experiences I’ve had (save Janelle Monae/Raphael Saadiq). Shout out to my sisters for always hooking it up. Anywho, Tip’s The Renaissance is on heavy rotation and as skeptical as I can be about Hip Hop and bands, I have no doubts that Tip will make it work. While I’m less hype for The Cool Kids (simply because TIp is in another league), I know they’ll put on a fun and entertaining set and I’m looking forward to partying with them once again (in the aftermath of their epic Wesleyan visit last spring, shout out to Tasha for that one lol). I leave you with these two videos, HOLLA:


= Certified Hot Shit. Cop Tix, Come Party With Me!

Thur 11/13-
– San Francisco, CA www.mezzaninesf.com
Sat 11/15- – Los Angeles, CA www.hob.com
Sun 11/16- – Las Vegas, NV www.hob.com
Mon 11/17- – Phoenix, AZ www.luckymanonline.com
Wed 11/19- – Dallas, TX www.hob.com
Thur 11/20- – Austin, TX www.stubbsaustin.com
Fri 11/21- – Houston, TX www.warehouselive.com
Sat 11/22- – New Orleans, LA www.hob.com
Mon 11/24- – Atlanta, GA www.centerstage-atlanta.com
Wed 11/26- – Ft. Lauderdale, FL www.jointherevolution.net
Fri 11/28- – Orlando, FL www.hob.com
Sat 11/29- – Charlotte, NC www.amossouthend.com
Sun 11/30- – Washington D.C. www.930.com
Tue 12/02- – New York, NY http://www.nokia.com
Wed 12/03- – Philadelphia, PA www.thetroc.com
Fri 12/05- -Toronto, ON www.theoperahousetoronto.com
Sat 12/06- – Chicago, IL www.hob.com

Via OkayPlayer. Check it out in a city near you!

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