Here’s the problem: I like this glamour shot of Yeezy better than any of his new joints off of 808s & Heartbreak (save “The Coldest Winter” not simply because it’s in remembrance of his mother but because it’s a less annoying use of auto-tune). To be perfectly honest, I’m not banging Kanye much at all these days and I’m not blown away by his latest music video for “Heartless” directed by Hype Williams (duhcity) and animated by a tireless team of 65 animators in Hong Kong (asian animators = stamp of authenticity). Granted it’s a significant improvement from the “Love Lockdown” disaster (another Hype Williams production). Can we retire auto-tune under an Obama administration? Please, Hip Hop, please! Anyway, let me know what y’all think, peep it:

Lastly, I have to put Yeezy on blast one last time for this wacksauce interview from a press conference he did in SIngapore. “This is just a straight forward statement, my plan is to be the greatest performer of this generation”. It’s not so much that I’m knocking his ambition, it’s the delusion of grandeur. I know homie is on top of the world but “POP ART” is the name of your new made up genre, are you kidding me? Kanye and Pink Floyd? This shit is getting so gimmicky it hurts my feelings. Lastly, to argue that T-pain’s “I’m in love with a stripper” is somehow groundbreaking is just plain silly. I love T-pain as much as the next dude but come on, we can’t front like adding auto-tune to a typically “Hip Hop” lyric is on some NEXT LEVEL TIP of brilliance…check it out:

Last, last thing: You don’t update your blog, quit playing games Yeezy!

2 Responses to “Heartless”
  1. hima says:

    i love auto-tune.

  2. Isa says:

    it’s not that I don’t love auto-tune (I mean, I’m a sucker for t-pain’s chopped and screwed) but it feels played out right now or just murdered. I’m ready for the next thing.

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