New Design High School


Never underestimate the power and possibility of aimless web surfing. I’ve been checking out this site The New Pop: New York’s Online Video Magazine that serves as “a multi media visual log of our generation. showcasing our community in a stylized, informative and entertaining way”. Through the collaborative efforts of filmmaker and video artist Trevz and photographer Tone (and the many vibrant and dynamic artists and nightlifers they document), The New Pop effectively covers the raw, gritty, and electric New York City scenes from Fashion Week to Obama to High School. Enter New Design High School. Tone and Trevz did a special two part series documenting a New York city specialized design High School (how dope is that? I wish I knew about opportunities like that growing up!) whose unique programs are threatened by massive budget cuts. As you’ll see in the videos that follow, this school provides the best for its students and is generated by an impassioned and active staff (how rare) who appear to genuinely enjoy their jobs as educators (how rare, again). Unfortunately, it comes as no surprise that an art-focused High School that emphasizes freedom of expression and employs alternative pedagogies is under attack. On the flip side, it’s inspiring to see The New Pop use it’s resources and cultural currency to help spread the word about New Design High and it’s urgent situation. I thought the least I could do was continue spreading the word and hopefully our collective and cumulative efforts can help save the school and it’s dope programs.

Check out The New Pop. Peep Tone’s photography. Support NDHS.


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