The One Drop Rule

Oye mi gente, The Living Word Project continues this weekend with the premiere of War Peace: The One Drop Rule, “a youth driven hip hop theater piece that imagines the Bay Area as a potential war zone in a time of protracted drought. Directed by Marc Bamuthi Joseph, War Peace is collaboratively written and performed byChinaka … Continue reading

Jeremy Scott x Adidas

Speaking of fly footwear, designer Jeremy Scott is at it again with his latest collaboration with Adidas on a collection of dope apparel and footwear for men and women slated to drop February 1, 2009. Scott had this to say about the project: “I really thought about all the things that my friends would want to … Continue reading

The Boot Is Mine

Ryan Leslie is Just Right

For many of us, Ryan Leslie produces many a guilt pleasure from joints like “Addiction” to “Diamond Girl” to his collection of contrived and completely absurd “behind the scenes” production youtube videos that showcase RLES bringing tracks to life in his pimped out Harlem studio. It’s difficult to tell if Leslie acts buckwild in these … Continue reading

Miles Remixed

I have to give a heartfelt thank you to The Apple Juice Kid for his latest project Miles Remixed presented by Okayplayer and Illroots. After an amazing but exhausting weekend (as evidenced by the photo streams below), I finally caught a cold (nothing serious) and besides pots of lavender tea with honey I found Miles … Continue reading

Eyes Wide Open

Let us spill Fill the word with our scrawlings And remember Every surface is our scripture Even when they cut our tongues We find ways to speak We use our blood as ink Just think of all the things we could speak into being If we stayed awake long enough to dream with our eyes … Continue reading

Mighty Mos Def

Black Dante. West Oakland. Little Bobby Hutton Park. 10/18/2008, HOLLA!

Obama’s Got Jokes

Weekend Lookbook

The Living Word Festival. West Oakland. 10/18/2008. Let’s Get Free!

This Song Makes Me Cry

They say Cody ChesnuTT is crazy. The C word is commonly deployed to disqualify people like Cody who fail to satisfy the expectations of overly demanding and unimaginative audiences (and Industry folk). In the same vein as Lauryn Hill, Cody often privileges living a messy and raw life off-stage over maintaing a manicured, micro-managed image of … Continue reading