Party On Fountain

HA! That is the jam and the video features many a friend…sigh, it makes me feel a bit nostalgic for drunken nights @ The Tomb and stoopin’ it with the 54 Home crew (and Lashawn!). It even makes me miss brunch at WesWings (Hangover Special!) and getting caught in the butts tunnels that one time…LOL! I could definitely go for some late night Summerfields with Justin and Ax (Chicken Quesadilla!). The truth is, I miss almost everything except parties on fountain and pulling all nighters with mikey in remote parts of paclab and olin strung out on blue bawls. All of us 08ers know the less than fun possibilities of that St. Regardless, I want to shout out New Teen Force (and Ted specifically) for bringing this hilarious song and music video into the world, 


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