Q-Tip’s Renaissance


Let’s be clear about one thing: there would be no Buggin’ Out without Q-Tip and so it is my duty to continue reminding all of you lovely people about the highly anticipated release of his album The Renaissance next Tuesday on election day, November 4, 2008. A historical day to be sure. (I’m in the works of planning a little Obama party at my crib for Tuesday so keep your ears to the street for that one…). The other night, Target threw an album release party for Q-Tip and his hip hop family at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. The usual suspects showed up to praise and give proper props to one of the OGs of hip hop in his own right including Ali Shaheed Muhammed, Nas, Talib Kweli, Mark Ronson, and RZA (all of whom toasted to Q-Tip’s continued success and countless contributions to the culture and art form at large. It goes without saying that he deserves every compliment thrown his way). Below is a video of Tip performing “Award Tour” with his cousin and fan Consequence via MissInfoTV, my one stop source for all things hip hop because she always has the ill hook ups, check it out:

Be ready come midnight to buy The Renaissance on iTunes, HOLLA!

2 Responses to “Q-Tip’s Renaissance”
  1. Lois P. says:

    target through the party? that’s weird. but the album is quite exciting! yay for hip hop!

  2. Isa says:

    yeah, I know, target is everywhere these days. Just last week they sponsored “family day” at 4 museums in frisco (which just means free admission) and we performed our poems on the harlem renaissance on target red dots…it was all very strange. sigh, but hip hop perseveres!

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