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All you avid HoneyCrate readers might remember an earlier post of mine introducing Oakland based visionary Chris Mueller and his innovative brainchild C+. To jog your memories (and for those who are unfamiliar with this undertaking), C+ is a brand that “stands for enhanced vision (C+ = see plus). C+ is a lens through which to see the world more creatively. More critically and with more clarity. Vision is an ancient metaphor for enlightenment and transformation. Reframing the visual dialog is social change.” Aside from providing top of the line products inspired by our favorite childhood bricks (lego!), C+ offers a new enhanced way of seeing and an invitation to indulge in our hyperactive imaginations. Let’s take a look at my personal favorites:


I have to say, Chris inspired in me a deep love for gold knuckle rings (as evidenced in my exhaustive collection of knuckle ring shots). I’m still saving up some $$$ to one day afford my very own signature piece and hopefully take my swagg to new heights. I don’t know if y’all are ready for that! But seriously, C+ is one of the freshest jewelry lines in the game and I can’t stress enough how we should all support this project and keep an eye out for Chris and his people, I have a feeling they’re about to blow up. Check out this other HoneyCrate post to peep the many more C+ products for fly men and women to purchase and salivate over. Now, here’s a preview of what’s to come:

First of all, I love that song!!! I think it was featured in a Geico commercial. Second, I’m loving the concept for the photoshoot and have no doubts that the Look Book will be straight fire. Big ups to the homie Chris and his design team for putting in the hard work necessary to draft and execute an original and clever concept. Lastly, we can only expect the best from director Taj who recently directed Nas’s ill music video for “Hero“. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead and you should too! Oh and if you’re one of those suckers for celebrity approval then the following picture is just for you:


You saw it here first. C+ is not next, it’s now so what are you waiting for? Holler at the online store to cop your own fresh jewelry. Check out the C+ blog to keep up with the brand (it’s also on the blogroll to the left). Word, you’ve been warned, it’s about to go down. I leave you with a picture of the man behind the brand modeling his own design:


“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” (Anais Nin)


…but seriously y’all, legos are everywhere

3 Responses to “C+ :: The Light Source”
  1. anomyn-in says:

    girl on point wit it. girl on point!

  2. Starr says:

    What up, Chris! Do it, Do it! Great things await

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