Addicted To Weed


RockStar Society is a group of people who are not with the hype of following trends, instead we set the trends and follow what we create. We are independent people who depend on no one but ourselves. Unity is the key to life and one must grasp the concept before they can claim their goals in life. As a member of RockStar Society you must prove to the world, who you are as an individual. Realize life and understand that time waits for no one. Pursue your goals and become successful.” — RockStar Society on Vimeo

Fortunately for all you Ryan Leslie haters out there, Rockstar Society recently released their own clever remix to “Addiction” that puts a new hilarious twist on just another lyrically cliche and boring r&b joint. Aptly titled “Addicted to Weed,” the Rockstar rendition is a confession slash love song to Mary Jane and I have no doubts that you can all fully appreciate this new version (regardless of your ganjahead status):

Peep Far Rock native Yung Juggz. Support funny shit.

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