2 Minutes To Midnight

lrg-2-minutes-to-midnight-jacket1“Not even King Midas could make a jacket that outshines this joint, brought to you by none other than LRG. The 2 Minutes To Midnight Jacket shell is made from 100% genuine leather, and features silk lining, a gold studded main body, a metal LRG logo label on the chest, welt side pockets, an LRG logo label on the hem, and ribbed cuffs, collar & hem” — Karmaloop

35 pounds and $2000 later, you could be walking in Jonas Bevcaqua‘s (of LRG fame) shoes with this bold and gold armor piece. What can I say, my taste in clothing is getting progressively stranger and I can’t seem to fight my weakness for gold, leather and beautiful hapa men who can pull off these styles like polo shirts. Take a look, Jonas somehow manages to make this over-the-top extravagant ish look mad casual:

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