Life In Marvelous Times


I post about Mighty Mos so often that I’ve nearly exhausted all google image searches and my own iphoto gallery, daaaaamn. If that’s not love, what is? Let’s get down to business: TODAY tracks leaked from Mos’s upcoming album The Ecstatic (dropping soon on Downtown Records) including his newest single Life In Marvelous Times (I’m fuckin’ DIGGIN his titles hard body right now). Lucky for us, Dante hit us up with a sneak preview last weekend out in West Oakland so this isn’t my first time hearing his new ish but IT IS STRAIGHT FIRE PEOPLE, are you even ready for the return of Black Dante? And while I’m not for censorship please don’t use this post as a platform to hate on him because he’s KILLING IT right now and if you can’t see that or hear that then you’re either arrogant, picky or crazy (or all of the above?). Don’t wait another second, get your listen on! Click here to hear “Life in Marvelous Times” and peep:

Mos Def: Auditorium (Live)
Mos Def: Twilight Spaceball (Live)

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