Go Wes, More Press


Wesleyan University in Connecticut has spawned artists such as MGMT, Amazing Baby and Santogold – and there’s a lot more to follow. In this week’s issue we investigate the university famous for producing endless writers, producers and general bigwigs in Hollywood.” – NME

This week’s issue of NME Magazine features a 2-page spread about *drum roll please* our very own Wesleyan University (although let’s be honest, it’s mostly about MGMT which seems to be the dominant narrative of a Wesleyan success story as it should be). I’m waiting for one of these major publications to cover the Wesleyan vanguard of bloggers, I mean shit we’re doing the damn thing. Shout out to all the homies: Caught in the Web, Gordon Gartrelle, I Smell Like Money, Sophista-Funk, The People Could Fly, HoneyCrate and on and on. Is it just me or do we deserve our own feature? HOLLA!

2 Responses to “Go Wes, More Press”
  1. ana says:

    American Lawyer magazine just featured a 2 page spread on how the community’s most wanted-slah-hottest paralegals went to wesleyan–check it out, there are pictures of me and eddie decked out in gold suites spread out on our ergonomic work stations looking hella bad ass with our notepads.

    MGMT–PuhleeeZZZ—i’d be prepping some docs for court, spitting a poem about class privilege, lookin hella fly and answering the phone beein like “law offices how may help you today?” ALL AT THE SAME TIME BIATCH!

  2. SH says:

    Hell yeah. We are killing the blogosphere right now.

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