Ryan Leslie is Just Right


For many of us, Ryan Leslie produces many a guilt pleasure from joints like “Addiction” to “Diamond Girl” to his collection of contrived and completely absurd “behind the scenes” production youtube videos that showcase RLES bringing tracks to life in his pimped out Harlem studio. It’s difficult to tell if Leslie acts buckwild in these videos because he genuinely feels the music or if he’s simply infatuated with his own larger than life persona of the crazy genius Harvard graduate gone music producer shtick. I mean, between his OBVIOUS (and obviously unhealthy) obsession with Cassie and compulsive need to expose his chest, Leslie is clearly battling some demons of his own…and yet, I can’t deny his raw talent and shameless self-promotion (with the exception of the Diamond Girl movie, that shit is WACKsauce), the homie has skills. But has all the fame and fortune changed Leslie for the worse? Check this out:

HILARIOUS but also adorable. This fool has been steady on the grind for years (long enough to develop an insane perfectionist complex, I can only imagine how intense he must be to work with). Leslie recently released the following video of him thoroughly enjoying his own studio time (what else is new) but can we talk about these dance moves he’s got going on? I find this man’s recording habits to be absolutely hilarious, it’s nice to see someone so passionate about what they’re doing but COT DAMN homie, someone give this fool an elephant tranquilizer or something because shit:

I was having a hard time deciding if I should end this post with the infamous “Valentine” clip (it’s classic) or the youtube of him singing a song to his mother and I decided to go with the cornier of the two (although it’s almost a tie) because I’m a sucker for mama’s boys. My favorite is still Boyz II Men “A Song For Mama” or 2pac “Dear Mama” (RIP):

2 Responses to “Ryan Leslie is Just Right”
  1. SH says:

    He’s a douche and looks like a Sesame Street character.

  2. Isa says:

    hahahahahahaha harsh words sam, harsh words.

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