Miles Remixed


I have to give a heartfelt thank you to The Apple Juice Kid for his latest project Miles Remixed presented by Okayplayer and Illroots. After an amazing but exhausting weekend (as evidenced by the photo streams below), I finally caught a cold (nothing serious) and besides pots of lavender tea with honey I found Miles Remixed to be the best medicine. I should say that The Apple Juice Kid is an internationally-touring drummer turned successful producer based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The mini-biography on his website says it best: “Built on a foundation of live bass, drums, keys, guitar and percussion and laced with savvy samples, Juice’s beats range from the Southern crunk style of his hometown to dancehall and R&B. No matter the style, The Apple Juice Kid’s music combines an originality of vision with a studious awareness of what’s hot right now, topped off with the percussive inventiveness of a master drummer. The result, as thousands of frenzied beat-battle fans will tell you, is guaranteed hotness”. I may not be a certified beat head but I admire the masterful production on this project so big ups to the wide-eyed white boy for bringing the heat as well as the other musicians involved: DJ Merlin, Matt Brandau (bass), Mark Wells (keys) Daniel Hart (strings) and guest vocals from Yahzarah and Raheem DeVaughn. I urge you to download (for free!) the album here and let it rock…word.

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