This Song Makes Me Cry


They say Cody ChesnuTT is crazy. The C word is commonly deployed to disqualify people like Cody who fail to satisfy the expectations of overly demanding and unimaginative audiences (and Industry folk). In the same vein as Lauryn Hill, Cody often privileges living a messy and raw life off-stage over maintaing a manicured, micro-managed image of false celebrity(dom). For fans in the show circuit, it is no secret that Cody continues to write, produce, and perform some of the best music ever made (with the exception of AfrObama). There are very few artists who can move me to tears within 30 seconds of a track (Anthony Hamilton, Radiohead and Lauryn Hill being others) and Cody is one of them. While many have criticized “The Headphone Masterpiece” for it’s poor production quality (come on, it was recorded in his bedroom on a 4-track cassette recorder), I hail the 2002 double LP as one of the most brilliant, powerful and potent works to date. I have a fondness for the faulty production not because I’m one of those “underground” (read: elitist) types that praises anything with an “authentic” feel but because it speaks to something Vik Muniz spoke of in his lecture two night’s ago: the breaking away from our compulsive need to hide imperfection and produce art in a vacuum (a la “the things themselves” modernists) rid of vulnerability and raw emotion. It is precisely the poor production of “The Headphone Masterpiece” that tells the gripping and relatable stories of songs like “No One Will” — it animates Cody as an actor (as well as a story teller). I am absolutely in love with this song, as I say in the title of this post, it makes me cry everytime. Check it out:

“I’m a lunatic with conviction…”

3 Responses to “This Song Makes Me Cry”
  1. you absolutely hit the nail on the muheffing head with this one kid.


  2. briana says:

    I CONCUR 100%.

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