The Living Word Festival


It’s about to GO DOWN this weekend. Head’s up: I won’t be blogging much for the next several days as I’ll be running around in between San Francisco and Oakland helping out with the kick off events for the 7th annual Living Word Festival. Tomorrow we (Youth Speaks) will be facilitating workshops that explore our increasingly complex relationships with environmentalism and “going green” (basically, we want to talk about environmental racism and address the ways in which youth of color feel alienated from dominant discourse and even “grassroots” activist mobilizations around issues of environmentalism). The workshops will be followed by an outdoor concert with Oakland’s finest Goapele and the Kev Choice Ensemble at Yerba Buena around 12:30 pm. For all the bay heads out there, be sure to check out the literary panel and conversation about the theme of “Race is Fiction” (7pm @ Oakland Museum) with Adam Mansbach and Jeff Chang (woop woop!). Hollaback, tomorrow will undoubtedly be a wonderful (and BUSY) day. Lastly, I want to plug this Saturday’s festivities in West Oakland: I’ll break you off with Youth Speaks’ concise summary, check it out:

“The Festival’s outreach activities continue of October 18, when the Living Word Festival presents Red, Black and GREEN, an Environmental Caucus and Concert at DeFremery park in West Oakland. The thematic focus of the day will be eco-equity, committed to the postion that poor communities and communities of color be logistically and psychologically included into the new, clean and green economy.

The day will feature the 2nd Annual Estria Invitational Living Word Graffiti Battle, a partnership with Samurai Graffix and Tumis. Twenty contest participants will be given a 6×8 foot canvas, biodegradable materials, and non-aerosol, non-toxic paint and will be charged with creating environmentally themed graffiti style tags around the park. The work will be sold at a silent auction to benefit Youth Speaks. An outdoor performance in the park featuring Los Rakas and MIGHTY MOS DEF will be held concurrently.”

I’ll be sure to put you onto more events as they take place in the coming weeks!


…oh right AND I got my nails did (again), another cause for celebration, HOLLA!

One Response to “The Living Word Festival”
  1. Jenn says:

    boo, i love ur nails!!!! dang, them westcoast koreans hook it up better than the bx ones!

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