Until yesterday, I never knew what Fleet Week was or who the Blue Angels were (did you?). The website will have you believe that it’s a “spectacular weekend celebration of the men and women in the armed forces” but in actuality it’s an excuse for white North Beach and Marina folk to host debaucherous rooftop parties that involve funneling beers to gangster rap (read: Outkast and Eminem). Fortunately, I had a front row seat to the festivities (thanks to Christine) and the breathtaking view of the entire Bay Area alone made it well worth my while. Admittedly, I enjoyed the Snowbirds show better than the Blue Angels. From my understanding, Snowbirds are Canada’s military aerobatics/air show flight demonstration team and Blue Angels are the United States Navy flight demonstration squadron. For one, the Snowbirds had iller formations and made better use of the smoke (they even drew a heart with an arrow around noon). Not surprisingly, the Blue Angels are intimidatingly large, disturbingly loud and (I thought) relatively unimpressive in their tricks and overall showmanship. Let’s be honest, the diamond formation is boring to watch after the 100th time. Take a look:


I’m just thankful I found out about Fleet Week before thinking that the city of San Francisco was under attack (by it’s own country). The planes can be heard all over the city and it’s loudand frightening at times. Today the local news covered a story about civilian death in a bombing in Iraq back to back with Fleet Week coverage and the irony seemed lost on the reporters. Here in America we never fail to set our priorities straight in times of crisis…Instead of chanting “USA”, the girls and I took full advantage of our day in North Beach and filled our bellies full with gourmet Italian food, truffles, and tiramisu. That shit was delicious. We spent the afternoon at my crib watching season one of Chappelle’s Show and finished strong at a dive bar in Chinatown that promised electro, cumbia and free cupcakes. Overall, it was a good weekend and now it’s back to the Monday morning grind and aint that some shit!!!

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