Can you blame him? LOL! Ok, I love Chris Brown. Always have, always will. I decided to search youtube for any new Chris Brown videos and I came across a behind the scenes look at his latest collaboration with T-Pain on a track called “Freeze”. It doesn’t look like the official video has dropped yet but I have to admit, it’s a rather catchy and addictive joint and I have to share the youtube with y’all to show off my boo’s impressive dancing abilities! Even if you hate him and think he’s talentless (which would be mean and largely untrue) you can’t deny his raw DANCE talent, can you? I think he’s such a cutie…uh oh, watch out Rihanna. Even T-Pain can get down, look:

You think I’m fly, don’t you? *Indeed, I do*

4 Responses to “Freeze”
  1. says:

    i love chris brown toooooooooo.

    told you i read yer blog.

  2. SH says:

    chris brown is waaaaaaaaaaack.

  3. Isa says:

    hahaha thanks for reading girl and YES we can love chris brown together (without sam, the resident hater LMAO)

  4. vybes says:

    I hate chris brown but love his music. When will he stop dating my gal,Rihanna?

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