Kill The Messenger


Where do I begin? Chris Rock’s new HBO special “Kill The Messenger” is straight fire. I’m talkin’ earth shattering, apocalyptic type shit. It’s the funniest, smartest, most on point shit I’ve heard in a minute. I wish I wrote it. I wish I was a part of bringing it into this world. I wish I could call Chris Rock a personal friend. I wish so many things, I swear, there’s not enough room in the entire blogosphere to support all the wishes, hopes and dreams I have right now, word is BOND! You MUST peep the following clip:

Now that you have an idea of the scope and ambition behind “Kill the Messenger,” we can talk about the meat of this project. One of the foundational premises of this project is as follows: The more shit you have, the less shit you can talk. The less shit you have, the more shit you can talk. Let’s be clear. Shit = power, resources, access, knowledge, currency, cultural capital, property rights, whiteness (etc). If any of you disagree with this premise, I’m telling you right now, we’re going to have an argument or two at one point in our friendship, real talk. I’m not saying we won’t be friends, but problems will undoubtedly arise. This clip illustrates this key principle:

How many of us have confronted this exact situation. White folks always complain about the things people of color “get away with” in regards to how much shit we talk. That’s right, the whole “reverse racism” charge. We know it all too well. To quote Chris Rock: “That’s how life works. Sometimes the people with the most shit have to shut up and let other people talk shit about them.” It’s really quite simple. I already know elitists and the purveyors of language will disqualify Rock’s argument for his “vulgar” and “imprecise” language. Well, fuck you too. Frankly, that critique is a cop out raised by folks who always run away when things get hard. Things are about to get harder:

Word up, I threw that one in because it’s plain hilarious. “I don’t want to vote for the one who got captured, I want to vote for the one who got away”. Amen. Also the bit about Barack’s name is perfect. I just had to put all my readers onto this shit. If you get a chance, watch it in full on HBO because my favorite parts aren’t available on YouTube and it’s worth every minute. Well, I’m off to do more work and talk more shit…you?

3 Responses to “Kill The Messenger”
  1. James says:

    Frankly, I find Rock’s stand up to be vulgar, in no small part due to his less than precise use of language.

  2. Isa says:

    LOL I love you James, you’re a stand up guy

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