McCain: The Greatest Force of Douchebaggery


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I would say that’s a fair summary of tonight’s boring, awkward and awkwardly repetitive debate. You can imagine how easy it was to create an image far more interesting than the event itself. I took the liberty of adding costumes to the otherwise terrified participants (anyone else struck by the homogeneity of the “ordinary” Americans?) I blame moderator Tom Brokaw for his broke @$$ job tonight. Our dear friend and Obama campaigner, Justin Denis, made an astute point on the phone with me following the debate regarding the universally poor performances by debate moderators thus far (sorry y’all but that includes Gwen Ifill): In an attempt to debunk the “Liberal media” stereotype, moderators are taking “objective” and “non-partisan” to new levels of WACK by making allowances for Sarah Palin and John McCain. At least Ifill shot Palin some looks of “what the fuck” whereas Brokaw straight up allied with McCain between the showcase of laughter and corny exchange of jokes and snarky comments about Obama “not answering the questions” AKA defending himself against bogus and malicious attacks. UGH. McCain was a train wreck, no big surprise there. He couldn’t even sit in the chair without looking like a creep. Is it just me or does he speak as if he’s telling a children’s story? Seriously, next debate pay attention to his speech patterns. He’s been kickin’ it with Palin too long, he’s starting to pick up on her Miss Congeniality routine (to no avail) with the bad jokes and “my friends” shtick. Gag me. I had to leave the room when it got to “foreign policy” and McCain started accusing Obama of war mongering and spewing patriotic rhetoric of America as the “best peace keeping genocide hating force of good” in the world. Fortunately, I came back in time to hear Obama correctly pronounce “Pakistan”. Damn, that’s new to American politics. I just hope the last debate picks up…I couldn’t stand watching McCain interact with people and hobble around the studio acting like finding Osama and “shoring up the economy” are “simple” and “easy to fix problems”…and they say Obama is arrogant? Also, can we really be surprised that McCain flippantly referred to Obama as “that one”? Given the hostile *vibes* at McCain-Palin rallies lately involving supporters yelling “Kill Him!” and “Treason!” and even shouting racial epithets at POC reporters, we shouldn’t feel shy about calling McCain and Palin racist. Let’s say it together now: *RACIST*. Pundits prefer “faux-paus” or “racially tinged”. I’m impressed by how many ways we can suggest racism without ever naming it. Here at BUGGIN’ OUT, we have no problem “keeping it real” and “telling it like it is”. While everyone is riding out this wave of confidence and planning some baller Obama-Biden victory parties, I’m sitting behind this computer awe struck at the levels of dysfunction and douchebaggery we have achieved in this country (specifically in the realm of politics) with a big bold question mark written on my face. No matter what happens, keep doing what you doing because politics aint gonna save nobody. Ya dig? To end, a big FUCK YOU to the AIG fools burning through our $$$ with the quickness on manicures and lobster dinners, that shit is a JOKE. Ok, I love you all and please feel free to comment with your thoughts on what went down tonight. The weekend fast approaches, we need a dance party to release all of this pent up “economic crisis” anxiety that’s compounded by my serious Iced Coffee addiction, say WORD! Brought to you by the “Daily Show” of blogs…(read: I got jokes)

That would be today’s “Moment of Zen”

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