Lock It Down, Yeezy


Kanye West premiered the highly anticipated music video for “Love Lockdown” yesterday on the Ellen Degeneres Show (no real surprise there). As we all know, Kanye and his peoples work extra hard to calculate their next move and trust me deciding on Ellen was no coincidence. Now, I know a number of you are probably feelin’ this “Love Lockdown” (Remixes 1-infinity) experiment in electro hip hop but I straight up don’t like it. I have nothing against his attempt to mix genres and sounds (AKA cop mass appeal) but at the end of the day, the song blows. I seriously prefer Chris Brown’s “Forever” over it. I know, that’s not surprising, but as far as mediocre dance tracks, I think “Forever” wins out. To top it all off, the video is TRASH. With the exception of the quasi-interesting end shots of the modernized “indigenous” ladies in neon glow in the dark paint, there are simply no redeemable qualities. Feel free to disagree with me (It’s not like I don’t have mad love for Yeezy) but I stand firmly behind my opinion. What’s really good with all the faux-indigenous people? Check it out:

I told you so, Ha.

One Response to “Lock It Down, Yeezy”
  1. Josh says:

    Fuck Love Lockdown…the autotune is played out. At least Lil Wayne did something interesting with it by getting Static Major to harmonize on “Lollipop.” Kanye just sounds like he can’t sing and needs autotune to hit the right notes, which is exactly what’s happening. He should stick to rapping and producing. Hell, even the beat on this is one of his worst, although I am feelin the taiko drums.

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