Universal Mind Control


I haven’t posted much on chitown emcee Common who recently played a sold out show in Berkeley with Pharrell. Common’s LP Universal Mind Control is slated to drop November 11 (2 days before my birthday, mark your calendars wink wink). November is sure to be an exciting month for music with highly anticipated releases from both Common and Q-Tip (admittedly, I’m considerably more invested in Q-Tip than Common but that’s just me). Anyway, Common recently dropped the official music video for the full version of “Universal Mind Control” directed (of course) by Hype Williams. Oddly enough, Pharrell is seemingly replaced by a robot (who cannot compete with his sex appeal, ugh). I’m not sure how I feel about this cyborgic attempt, I think Monae works it way better. This seems a little forced and awkward. Take a look:

There’s something missing. A serious lack of innovation? Cliche? What do YOU think?

One Response to “Universal Mind Control”
  1. Lois P. says:

    completely uninterestiiiiiinnnnggg…

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