Palling Around With Terrorists


Can we all agree that Tina Fey is on FIRE right now? From her latest book deal to 30 Rock’s beloved Tracy Morgans’ recent claim that “I think her impersonation of Sarah might decide who’s gonna be the next President of the United States”, Fey is quite obviously sitting on top of the world. I even heard pundits in the post-debate frenzy on Thursday throwing her name around in their hard political analyses, psh: ex. “Tonight Sarah Palin passed the Tina Fey test”. Of course, that (like 100% of anything and everything uttered by political pundits) is nonsensical and meaningless. It’s also untrue! As we all know, SNL grinded out their funniest Sarah Palin spoof to date this past Saturday. Although, let’s admit that Tina Fey doesn’t have that difficult a job here. With the exception of a few funny written bits (“Are we skipping the talent portion of the debate?” etc) she recites Palin’s actual responses verbatim. The humor lies in the absence of scripting. The premise? Reality is far more absurd than sketch comedy. I’m just thankful that politics saved SNL from the depths of TV GONE REALLY, REALLY BAD. Oh and, shout out to Queen Latifah for her brilliant performance as Gwen Ifill who watched the sketch and was 1) flattered to be played by Queen Latifah and 2) upset at Palin’s blatant disregard for her position as moderator. Ifill argues that Biden debated McCain and Palin debated NO ONE. She just talked “directly” to the “American people” about what “they want to hear”. Sigh, I have mad love for Tina Fey!


One Response to “Palling Around With Terrorists”
  1. Lois P. says:

    agreed. it was brilliant(ly) poignant that she read her actual responses. goooo tina!

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