“It Would Behoove You”


I refuse to push DiCaprio’s “non-partisan” PSA to encourage “young America” to vote. It’s silly, condescending, and just plain stupid. Also, an uninteresting collection of celebrities. Also, you know me, I’m not about “non-partisan” anything. I know I’m largely alone on that tip but c’mon y’all it’s no time for diplomacy this close to November 4th. However, I want to do my part to remind folks that the deadline to register fast approaches. I’m guessing the majority of you are already good to go (Shout out to all of you who have been and continue to get your organize on with the Obama camp down South and around the country, mad love and respect forreal, forreal). May you throw the dopest victory parties come November 4th when we better be poppin’ bottles. For anyone who still needs some convincing, let Black Thought and ?uestlove spread the good word (co-signed by the Obama campaign, no worries, this shit is official):

That’s right, “it would behoove you to register” so you know it’s serious

Word up, turn the elephant upside down. Don’t just vote, VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!

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