Close To The Edge


Y’all know I can’t go too many weeks without posting about Mighty Mos. Just because he always makes the tokenized rappers list (read: emcee most beloved by white folks) doesn’t mean the people can’t claim him! Shit! I refuse to deny his lyricism and general sexiness. I have yet to post any Mos Def freestyles. Yes, they are all throwbacks (nothing new) but I’m not feelin’ this “race of the blogs” as in which bloggers can put out the hottest, newest shit. I can only imagine how hard Yeezy’s ghostwriters work to constantly find unreleased material to post on. For my fellow freestyle fanatics, enjoy revisiting these clips and I guarantee it’ll ease the pain of the Monday grind. Let’s set things off. We begin with a classic Mos freestyle, shameless Brooklyn love, fasho:

Classic Mos freestyle (please disregard the douchebags in the cipher)

Mos vs. Kanye Part 1 (I think Mos clearly wins, Kanye spits written raps, boo)

Errr, not feelin’ Yeezy in this one…at least Mos holds it down

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