LoveFest: Free Your Mind

“In this time of economic and political turmoil, a celebration of love, peace, justice, and tolerance is just what our country needs,” said Dr. Syd Gris, board member. “We do not dance in the streets to escape the reality of our times – we dance to face them as a community, pointing the direction to a better way, set to beats and the full color of our expression. We gather to inspire and motivate social action by us, the youth, the people who will inherit this mess and have to do something about it to turn the tide.”

“This Is Our Future: Open Your Heart. Free Your Mind. Face Your Fears. Live Your Soul. Dance.”

2 Responses to “LoveFest: Free Your Mind”
  1. SH says:

    Did you see Mark Farina spin?

  2. Jills says:

    side note- Christine has a super sweet haircut.

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