Electric Punanny Party


DJ dream team Jasmine Solano (not to be confused with the once-upon-a-time Jasmine Sola) and A.L.I.E.N. crew’s very own Melo-X are the brains and the beats behind the latest NYC party sensation cleverly coined: Electric Punanny @ Sway Mondays. Already on it’s fifth run, this eclectic gathering is all about leaving personal baggage at the door and wildin’ out with an always diverse, stylish and hyphy crowd (to say the least). It’s difficult to discern who knows who by simply looking at raw and incriminating footage/pics capturing the madness that transpires (read: “love” orgies and retro inspired dance offs). One thing is clear: there is no shortage of booty shaking, bump’n’grinding, interracial buffoonery, heavy drug use, special guest drops by Mickey Factz and the like and oh yeah, supremely divine soundtracks mixed with love by Jasmine Solano and Melo-X. These two are no strangers to fun…

jasm2“Meet Jasmine Solano, a Philly Motown girl turned HIP HOPSTER SOUL GAL. Representing on the airwaves and turntables since she was 17, nowadays you’ll find Jasmine Solano DJing in NYC, Brooklyn and on Integrated Radio. Winner of “Best Female Radio Personality” at the New England Urban Music Awards in 2006 and the annual EVVY Awards for “Best Radio On-Air Personality” she owes it all to the Boston community where it began on WERS 88.9FM. Jasmine put a ‘face to the name’ as a VJ for MTV2 and has been the host and MC for concerts featuring Grandmaster Flash, Akfrika Bambaataa, Questlove, Q.tip, De La Soul, GZA, The Platinum Pied Pipers, Dilated Peoples, M1 of Dead Prez, Jaguar Wright and Goapele. Known for her contagious hip hopster spirit and unwavering allegiance to old soul, Jasmine effortlessly combines the cutting edge with the timeless in a mix of R&B, Soul, Electronica, House and Hip Hop. From Armand Van Helden to Nina Simone, this hostess extraordinaire is sure to hit your spot on her show, The Meltdown on Integrated Radio (www.integratedstudios.com).” – Jasmine Solano Biography

Word up. I have a special soft spot for Jasmine because 1) she self-identifies as a “hip hopster” and 2) her roots are with the WERS 88.9 family back in Boston (shout out to my Boston homies who know how dope that station really is. Sara’o: can you say jyroscope? How about Rockas?) Melo-X seems like a good natured laid back dude whose been put on this earth to host some of the best (most uninhibited) bashes to hit NYC. I promise to start covering the party scene over here on the left coast but it seems to be slightly less vibrant in an electric punanny kind of way. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing. Anyway, keep up with the future affairs of this dynamic duo at their respective MySpace page’s and check out this feature on the Electric Punanny party to get a better understanding of what goes down and why you should check it out!


Now that looks like the right way to kick off the work week. Say word.

3 Responses to “Electric Punanny Party”
  1. MeLo-X says:

    I love this write up yo 4realzz!!!

  2. Isa says:

    haha word, thanks melo, keep doing the damn thing! (and pretty please throw one btw dec 20 – jan 3 when I’m back in NY lol)

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