Play Palin Bingo!


I know I’m posting this 30 minutes before the Palin-Biden showdown but I can’t help myself. If you have a printer in the crib, think about printing one of the four possible bingo cards and getting down. Lord knows she’s going to say “bridge to nowhere” and “maverick” a couple hundred times. You see, they couldn’t make a “Biden Bingo” because there’s no predicting what comes out of that man’s mouth, he’s just that spontaneous (/that much a liability lol). I’m always amazed at the ideas and side projects that folks actually follow through with! Whoever came up with Palin Bingo truly understands how to take advantage of the Internet. I wish my friends and I were fluent enough in web and graphic design to pull off cyber stunts like this, maybe it’s time we brushed up on our skills. Who’s down?  Anyway, I’m off to watch the debates!!!


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